Writing Power’s Links To Love: February 17

Each Sunday, Writing Power presents links that we think you might like.  Enjoy!

“If You Don’t Do It Now, You’ll Regret It Later” by David B. Bohl at Slow Down Fast.  This post is a great reminder of the ways living in the future can work against both productivity and peace of mind.  On a writer’s note, I am a fan of David’s straightforward, honest tone.   http://www.slowdownfast.com/blog/if-you-dont-do-it-now-youll-regret-it-later/  

“Gradual Organization: How To Go From Slob To Productive” by Scott Young for I Will Change Your Life.  I believe that writing is a habit you develop and work on, much like productivity and organization are habits that can be developed and improved.  Scott’s post is a great reflective overview of how he changed some significant habits in his life.  I think that these tips can easily be applied to “the writing habit” or, failing that, they can be used to help you get more time out of your day for — what else — writing!   http://www.iwillchangeyourlife.com/2008/02/15/gradual-organization-how-to-go-from-slob-to-productive/

“Does Your Brain Need An Oil Change?” by Alvaro Fernandez on Pick the Brain.  Alvaro argues that we should concern ourselves not only with our body’s fitness, but with our brain’s fitness as well.  The post explains the theory behind this assertion and ends with some helpful tips.  http://www.pickthebrain.com/blog/brain-fitness/

“How To Grow Your Idea (While Staying Out Of Its Way)” at LiveDev.  Ideas are fragile things in their infancy: they can easily be killed by fears and doubts.  Whether it’s the idea for a novel or for a business, this post will help you keep your head on straight and give your idea a chance to thrive.   http://lifedev.net/2007/05/how-to-grow-your-idea-while-staying-out-of-its-way/

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