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Greetings!  My name is Loren Blinde.  I work as a writer and English professor, but my true passion is learning.  I love to engage with new ideas, new perspectives, and figure out how to live a productive and purposeful life.  It just so happens that writing is the best way I have found to generate that engagement, and my chosen profession reflects that focus. 

I created Writing Power to help people improve their written communication skills in order to improve not only their writing, but their lives as well.  I believe that paying attention to how we express ourselves in writing is a key to becoming conscious in all areas of our lives.  When we improve the way we interact with the world in writing, we have gained a powerful tool for increasing motivation, clarifying thinking, working more effectively, and living more joyfully.  This blog is designed to hone that powerful tool.   Feel free to contact me at loren@writingpower.net. I hope you enjoy Writing Power.

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    Thank you for clearly explaining about the so what question!

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