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Well Dressed Writing: Tips For Effective Page Design

Writing is a complex process with a seemingly endless array of choices. What kind of document will you write? What is your purpose in writing it? What point do you want to get across? How will the beginning, middle, and … Continue reading

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Building Relationships With Your Readers

I stared out at a wall of glum faces. “What’s going on, you guys? Didn’t you like the reading?” The essay at hand was a masterpiece of nuance, one of the most influential pieces in the modern conservationist movement, and … Continue reading

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How To Write An Effective Conclusion

Relatively inexperienced writers tend to walk around with a mental list of writing rules, which they have painstakingly gleaned from high school and college English and writing teachers. A snippet of such a list might read: 1. Don’t use personal … Continue reading

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Hack Those Unfulfilled Intentions

One thing I like most about personal productivity/personal development/self improvement blogs is that they try to turn wishes and dreams into plans and actions. They work to remove the stumbling blocks that keep “someday I want to” from turning into … Continue reading

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How To Write An Effective Summary

 Writing is not one task with a specific, unchanging set of rules.  Consequently, it’s often counterproductive to classify writing as “Good” or “Bad” because doing so assumes an oversimplified view of what writing is.  Instead of aspiring to the title … Continue reading

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Learn To Wield The Mighty Semicolon

Semicolons are one of the most feared punctuation marks around. They’re an inexplicable mix of a colon and a comma, and they justifiably intimidate many writers. How does one use this strange tool? Using semicolons can add an air of … Continue reading

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Getting Your Writing To Flow, Part 5: Tone

This is part five in a five-part series. The fifth installment in “Getting Your Writing to Flow” (in case you’ve missed them, here are parts one, two, three, and four) focuses on an issue that is at once more global … Continue reading

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Seek And Destroy Your Writing Style Enemies

 This is part four in the five-part series “Getting Your Writing To Flow.” The previous entries in this series focused on ways that structure affects flow.  I provided tips for structuring sentences and paragraphs (both a paragraph’s topic/wrap-up sentence and … Continue reading

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How To Make Your Paragraphs Flow

This is part three of a five-part series. Thus far in our exploration of the phenomenon of “writing that flows,” we have been working at the sentence-to-sentence level of flow.  We have considered the importance of establishing continuity between sentences … Continue reading

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Links To Love — February 10

   Enjoy this week’s links! How to double your productivity (series) at Personal Development with The Positivity Blog – This is a solid collection of basic productivity advice.  I’m not saying it’s new information: you’ll find much of the same advice … Continue reading

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