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(Writing) Style Wars: A New Hope

Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style is a classic style guide, and it’s useful in many ways. Arguably one of its biggest contributions is that it gets us to think about the way we put words together. William Strunk … Continue reading

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Writing Power’s Writers’ Circle: Git ‘R Done Edition

Okay, Writing Power Writers’ Circle members, I’ve given us all some time in May to finish our April goals. (Sometimes you need just one more weekend, right?) How did you do? Let us know in the comments. We’re eager to … Continue reading

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Cut The Cleverness

You have really outdone yourself this time. I mean, you knew you were a good writer, but this – this is great. You have just crafted the perfect analogy (or description, thesis statement, blog post): it’s punchy, it’s tongue-in-cheek, and … Continue reading

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The “So What?” Question

As I was working my way through a stack of twenty-six literary analysis papers this weekend (I know – don’t ask. It’s my own fault for letting students in over the enrollment cap.), I spent a lot of time thinking … Continue reading

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Writing Power Writers’ Circle April Update: Reality Check Edition

In my last Writers’ Circle post, I asked our writers to report on whether they achieved their March writing goals and what they had planned for April. Writers’ Circle member Adam kindly reminded me that I hadn’t updated the group … Continue reading

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Meta-Diction: Find Your Passion?

I called this post meta-diction, because I want to consider the larger conceptual and cultural implications of our word choices. Many voices within the personal development world espouse the notion that a person can create his or her own reality. … Continue reading

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Guest Post For The Positivity Blog

 Hi, Everyone – I’m pleased to announce that I wrote a guest post for The Positivity Blog.  It’s called How You Can Use Proposals to Achieve Your Goals.  The post considers the logic underlying proposals and extracts personal development ideas … Continue reading

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Writing Power’s Writers’ Circle: April

 Friday afternoon has to be my favorite time of the week, and not because it’s the end of the work week.  I love Friday afternoons because as I look toward the weekend, I see oodles of productive writing time ahead.  … Continue reading

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Whose Language Is This, Anyway?

I am happy to report that I have finally dug my way out from under a mountain of student essays and climbed back up to the desk to write some posts. Sorry for the mid-week hiatus. As I was examining … Continue reading

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Welcome To Writing Power

Welcome, Lifehack readers! Thanks for visiting Writing Power. Three to five times a week, I offer tips and tricks designed to help enrich your life by improving your writing. My writing experience comes from the academic and business writing worlds, … Continue reading

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