The Power of Writing

PaperworkWelcome to Writing Power!

The purpose of Writing Power is to improve your written communication skills with the ultimate aim of improving your life. I will not focus on writing in a vacuum, as an end in itself. Rather, I view writing as a tool. By using this tool, and by taking care to sharpen it, we can achieve happiness and success in our personal and professional lives.

Writing excites me because it represents pure possibility. When you begin to think about the way you communicate in writing, you begin a process of reorienting your approach to the world. You develop an increased consciousness that eventually pervades the way you think and the way you interact with people and ideas in your environment. And within that consciousness, you have everything you need to design your ideal life.

If your writing skills are in need of a tune-up, you’ve come to the right place. Each day, I will offer tips and tricks on everything from writing a killer cover letter to using writing to stay productive, organized, and focused on your goals. All this, and easy-to-remember rules for correct semicolon usage to boot.

Those of you who already have a high aptitude for writing (or who have worked your tails off to develop your writing skills) will also find much to enjoy here, I hope. You’ll be able to think about writing through the new perspectives from posts and comments, and appreciate the power of your writing strengths. You’ll also find ways to leverage your skill to improve your productivity, increase your income, and amplify your life.

I hope you’ll join me.

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